Feb. 1st Roundtable event – registration open!

The Heart of the Matter: Are We More Than Physical Beings?
Two Distinguished Doctors Discuss

We’re continuing our exploration of what it means to be human by inviting two people to share from their extensive expertise and experience: renowned heart surgeon Dr. Arun Singh and chief of surgery at Tenwek Hospital Dr. Russell White.

Both are professors, doctors, surgeons, and scientists who found their careers at Brown University and have achieved many noteworthy accolades and awards throughout their careers.

While they share a deep love for healing people, their pasts and paths have been different, as are some of their perspectives on science, medicine, and the meaning of life.

WHEN: 6-8:30pm, Wednesday, February 1st

WHERE: The Brown Faculty Club (1 Bannister Street, Providence, RI)

Registration is open now!