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Spring 2020 roundtable event: 6pm Tuesday, April 14th at the Brown Faculty Club.

Our next roundtable on science, religion, and society will be featuring Troy Van Voorhis, MIT Department Head and Haslam and Dewey Professor of Chemistry, and Alex Byrne, MIT Head of the Department of Linguistics and Philosophy, and Head of the Philosophy Section, as they address the question:

“Is Religious Knowledge Real?”

Registration will be available in mid-March. If you are not on the invite list and would like to be, then please contact us.More about the Roundtables: 

This event is complimentary for all who attend. The series of roundtable events are sponsored and funded in part by the John Templeton Foundation, a philanthropic catalyst for discoveries related to the big questions of human purpose and ultimate reality. Additional funding has been provided by generous scholars and foundations invested in the intersection of science and faith.

Templeton is interested in Providence expanding on an experience that began in Amherst and Cambridge, MA. Since 2005, hundreds of Harvard and MIT professors have engaged in Roundtable faculty-seminar dinner-discussions, experiencing the potential to bring added depth to their lives as scholars and educators. Sponsored by Christian chairpersons and dedicated to fostering dialogue that explores the intersection of current academic thought and every shade of religious and nonreligious thought on issues related to science and religion, invitations are not pre-sorted in alignment with any particular perspective. Select community leaders are also invited to ensure a diversity of religious points of view.

The Providence Roundtable is co-chaired by:

The Providence Roundtable Coordinator is Jarrod Lynn (Brown ’05, M’07), Religious Life Affiliate at Brown University. Please contact him directly with your questions and inquiries:

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