Spring 2024 Update

Greetings roundtable participants!

We trust your winter break went well you’re ready for another year. We’re currently working on securing funding for our future roundtable events, as well as helping to launch roundtables on other campuses throughout the country. As of right now, nothing is scheduled for Spring 2024, but we’ll let you know if anything changes.

Stay tuned!

Jarrod, PRT Coordinator

Feb. 1st Roundtable event – registration open!

The Heart of the Matter: Are We More Than Physical Beings?
Two Distinguished Doctors Discuss

We’re continuing our exploration of what it means to be human by inviting two people to share from their extensive expertise and experience: renowned heart surgeon Dr. Arun Singh and chief of surgery at Tenwek Hospital Dr. Russell White.

Both are professors, doctors, surgeons, and scientists who found their careers at Brown University and have achieved many noteworthy accolades and awards throughout their careers.

While they share a deep love for healing people, their pasts and paths have been different, as are some of their perspectives on science, medicine, and the meaning of life.

WHEN: 6-8:30pm, Wednesday, February 1st

WHERE: The Brown Faculty Club (1 Bannister Street, Providence, RI)

Registration is open now! 

Dec. 7th Roundtable — Registration Open!

Wednesday, December 7 

Genes and Genesis: Seeking Clues to the Meaning of Life and Our Universe

David Haig, author of From Darwin to Derrida, explains “how a physical world of matter in motion gave rise to a living world of purpose and meaning. Natural selection, a process without purpose, gives rise to purposeful beings who find meaning in the world.”

William Lane Craig, author of the recent book In Quest of the Historical Adam, explores “the scientific case for Adam as a historical person who lived between 750,000 and 1,000,000 years ago as a member of the archaic human species Homo Heidelbergensis.”

WHEN: 6-8:30pm, Wednesday, Dec. 7th

WHERE: The Brown Faculty Club (1 Bannister Street, Providence, RI)

Registration is open now! 

Save the Dates!

  • Tuesday, October 18th (Mental Health Performance and Psychology Professor)
  • Wednesday, December 7 (Evolutionary Biologist and Christian Philosopher)
  • Wednesday, February 1 (Cardiac Surgeon)

Another virtual roundtable opportunity December 3rd…

RRegister online here.

After the brief webinar, you will be ushered into a “roundtable” discussion where you will have the opportunity to dialogue with a small group of participants from different universities. The goal is to foster a cross-disciplinary community among faculty and educators that explores the intersection of current scholarship with various worldviews.
Upon registration, participants receive a complimentary GrubHub gift card for $50 to dine on us. Why? It’s simple. Part of our mission at The Faculty Roundtable is to create a hospitable environment so that every person knows they are truly welcome at the table.
We hope to see you there,
Vicky and Sam
New York City Roundtable Coordinators
P.S. – The gift card arrives the day before the event.


Next event: November 2nd, 2021

Our event will feature Brown University Professor of Theoretical Physics, Jim Gates, who will help us think about the question of:

Can God Be Known or Near? A Physicist shares his insights

Join us for an evening of lively discussion about the leaps and limits of science, the role of science in faith (and the role of faith in science), and what we might learn from some of history’s great scientists.

WHEN: 6-8:30pm, Tuesday, November 2nd

WHERE: The Brown Faculty Club (1 Bannister Street, Providence, RI)