Dec. 7th Roundtable — Registration Open!

Wednesday, December 7 

Genes and Genesis: Seeking Clues to the Meaning of Life and Our Universe

David Haig, author of From Darwin to Derrida, explains “how a physical world of matter in motion gave rise to a living world of purpose and meaning. Natural selection, a process without purpose, gives rise to purposeful beings who find meaning in the world.”

William Lane Craig, author of the recent book In Quest of the Historical Adam, explores “the scientific case for Adam as a historical person who lived between 750,000 and 1,000,000 years ago as a member of the archaic human species Homo Heidelbergensis.”

WHEN: 6-8:30pm, Wednesday, Dec. 7th

WHERE: The Brown Faculty Club (1 Bannister Street, Providence, RI)

Registration is open now!